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Juniper JRR200

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Ideal for networks with large routing tables, the JRR200 Appliance simplifies BGP router deployment while reducing OpEx for a range of use cases.

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    The JRR200 Route Reflector Appliance is ideal for service providers, data centers, and enterprise businesses that require large routing tables. Integrated Virtual Route Reflector (VRR) software enables the JRR200 Appliance to scale up to 50 million routing information base (RIB) entries. In addition to tremendous scale-out, the JRR200 reduces the number of BGP sessions in your network, resulting in considerably fewer connections to maintain, and simpler configuration and deployment of BGP routers.

    The JRR200 delivers 10GbE connectivity in a compact form factor for efficiency in space- and power-constrained environments. It allows you to simplify your network designs and significantly reduce OpEx for a broad range of use cases, including cloud services, distributed metro, and data center.

    As a router-reflector appliance, the JRR200 features the industry-leading Junos control plane for feature-rich BGP control. You don’t need to choose between customized servers and hypervisor software or maintain separate hardware and software support.

    Powered by Junos OS and supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), the JRR200 shortens the provisioning time for new deployments and provides operational simplicity. It uses the rich native BGP functionality found on all routers and switches powered by Junos OS. For further operational ease, you can also integrate Junos OS automation and management toolkits into any existing framework or environment.


    High Reliability

    Provides carrier-grade reliability for every application.

    Wire-Speed Performance

    Simplifies network topologies and operations dramatically with local 1GbE wire speed.

    Tremendous Scalability

    Offers dense 8x10GbE port capacity, supporting routing tables up to 50 million RIB entries.

    Easy Deployment

    Combines industry-leading VRR software with compact, high-density Juniper hardware for easy installation.

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