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Juniper EX2300M

Thương hiệu: Juniper
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Multigigabit, compact, high-density, cost-effective entry level switch for small to midsized network environments, where space and power are at a premium.

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The EX2300 Multigigabit Ethernet Switch delivers a compact 1 U high-density solution for small network environments with space, power, and budget constraints. The 802.11ac Wave 2 access points connect to the EX2300 Multigigabit switches, thereby providing investment protection by using existing cabling infrastructure to support multigigabit speeds and higher throughput demands. The EX2300 Multigigabit switches are perfect for refreshing network access infrastructures or building new greenfield campus and branch deployments that require multigigabit ports on the access switch.

There are two EX2300 Multigigabit switch models available, offering either 24 or 48 10/100 Mbps/1GbE/2.5GbE-T ports in a single platform. Both models offer IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE)/802.3at PoE+ for powering attached network devices. Each switch has 10GbE small form-factor pluggable plus transceiver (SPF+ transceiver) uplink ports that support connections to other access or distribution layer switches.

EX2300 Multigigabit switches integrate with Juniper’s industry-leading Virtual Chassistechnology to simplify operations by consolidating the management of up to four switches into one logical device. These switches can also form a Virtual Chassis with existing non-multigigabit EX2300 switches. Additionally, EX2300 Multigigabit switches are supported as satellite devices in a Junos Fusion Enterprise deployment, which allows large numbers of access switches to be merged into a logical management platform.


Entry-Level Multigigabit Switch

Future-proof investments using existing cabling infrastructure as the industry transitions and standardizes on multigigabit speeds.

Innovative Design

Innovative, cost-effective switch design reduces complexity, while unified management and automation tools consolidate system monitoring.

Virtual Chassis

With Virtual Chassis technology, up to four interconnected EX2300/EX2300 Multigigabit switches operate as a single logical device, reducing operational expenses and simplifying management.

Eight QoS Queues

Eight quality-of-service (QoS) queues per switch port ensure proper prioritization of voice, video, and multiple levels of data traffic, with room to converge other networks, such as building automation and video security systems.

Always-On Reliability

Based on a field-proven Juniper architecture and the Junos OS, EX Series switches deliver always-on reliability for every application.

Centralized Management with Junos Fusion Enterprise

When deployed as satellite devices in Junos Fusion Enterprise environments, large numbers of EX2300 Multigigabit switches can be managed from a single interface.

High Port Densities and Wire-Speed Performance

High 1GbE/2.5GbE/10GbE port densities and wire-speed performance provide flexibility when creating network topologies.

Thông tin kỹ thuật

Form factorFixed platform
Virtual Chassis configuration (up to 4 switches)
Access portsEX2300-48MP: 16 x 1GbE/2.5GbE + 32 x 1GbE
EX2300-24MP: 8 x 1GbE/2.5GbE + 16 x 1GbE
Dimensions (W x H x D)EX2300-48MP: 17.4 x 1.75 x 14.5 in. (44.19 x 4.45 x 36.83 cm)
EX2300-24MP: 17.4 x 1.75 x 10.0 in. (44.19 x 4.45 x 25.4 cm)
Backplane speed120 Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect to link up to four EX2300-48MP switches as a single logical device
80 Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect to link up to four EX2300-24MP switches as a single logical device
Data rateEX2300-48MP: 264 Gbps
EX2300-24MP: 208 Gbps
ThroughputEX2300-48MP: 196 Mpps
EX2300-24MP: 154 Mpps
10/100/1000BASE-T port densitiesEX2300-48MP: 32
EX2300-24MP: 16
10GBASE-X port densitiesEX2300-48MP: 6
EX2300-24MP: 4
ResiliencyIntegrated power supply and fans
Operating systemJunos OS
Traffic monitoringsFlow
Quality-of-service (QoS) queues/port8
MAC addresses16,000
Jumbo frames9216 bytes
IPv4 unicast / multicast routes4096 / 4096
IPv6 unicast / multicast routes2048 / 2048
Number of VLANs4093
ARP entries5000

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